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 Our most Popular selling lamps are listed below.  We have many other lamps
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Lamp FAQs

 100 Watt
Lamp TypeWattageSizes Available

Tan Time


LET RIO S  HO100 Watt59", 71", 73"20 min


LET Golden Sun HO100 Watt71", 73"18-20 min


LET Golden Plus HO100 Watt71", 73"14-16 min


 100 Watt Reflector
Lamp TypeWattage

Sizes Available

Tan Time


LET RIO 3.3 HO100 Watt R71"15-18 min


LET RIO Bronze HO100 Watt R59",71"7313-15 min


LET Golden Sun Plus HO100 Watt R59",71"7310-13 min


160 Watt Reflector
Lamp TypeWattageSizes AvailableTan TimePrice
LET RIO 3.3 VHO160 Watt R71"11-13 min


LET RIO SHR Plus160 Watt R59", 71"9-11 min


LET RIO Bronze SHR160 Watt R59",71" 73"8-10 min


High Pressure

Lamp Type




LET or Phillips400 WattSnap In


LET R7500 WattSnap In


LET500 WattWire Lead


LET300-500 WattSingle ended


LET ISO Replacement620 WattWire Lead


LET500-700 WattSingle Ended


Phillips 1040SE FX1000 WattSingle Ended


LET1000-1500 WattWire Lead


Phillips 2020 S/FX

2000 Watt

Wire Lead



Lamp Type


 w/out Lamp Purchase

with Lamp Purchase

Phillips S104-65 Watt$1.25


Phillips S1280-140 Watt$1.50


Phillips Cleo Power90-180 Watt$1.75


 we will install tanning lamps for $1 more per body lamp, and $5 per face lamp. Installation includes polishing both acrylics,cleaning the reflectors, and some minor repairs

( must purchase lamps from us).If we are installing the lamps, remember, there is



Certified repairs and service for all make and model suntan equipment

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Suntan Repair