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Bed 1
Ergoline Avantgarde 600

The Ergoline Advantgarde 600 is designed for those that are interested in building their base tan quickly. It's powerful design provides stronger bronzing results recommended for advanced tanners.
*12 Minute Tan Time
*47 - 160w lamps
*3-500W facials
*Shoulder Tanner
*13,900 total watts
*50a three phase / 80a single phase
*92" x 54"
*on Board Air Conditioner

2 in stock @ $8500. ea.
includes delivery within 150 mile radius.

Suntan Repair

135 Ithica Gin Road

Villa Rica, GA  30180


Suntan Repair


All equipment is completely refurbished with new lamps and acrylics if needed. 

30 day parts and labor and Warranty on all equipment.


Bed 2

Montegobay Cobra ~ Black UXF

Great unit with facials and body fan, makes it a salon favorite.  Features and easy lift canopy, for easy and safe access.

*front air intake system for the body as well as ballast cooling with a three speed body fan control.

* 1 phase 30amp

*20 min tan time

9 in stock @2500. ea.  

includes delivery within 150 miles.

Bed 3


Extreme Tanning at its finest

*Built in stereo

*160w reflector lamps above

*100w reflectors below

*12 min Tan Time

$3500. with facials or $3000. with out facials.   Includes delivery within 150 mile radius.

Bed 4

Heartland Ovation 34/3

*Body lamps: 18-100w lamps in canopy and 16- 100w lamps in bench

*Face lamps:  3- 400w facial lamps

*20 min tan time

2 in stock @ $1500.ea

Includes delivery within 150 miles

Bed 5

Ergoline Ambition 250

A great 2nd level bed that has great design for that perfect tan.  Built in body fan for extra comfort.

*Digital controls for facial adjustment and fan speed

*Accent lights

*Body lamps:  32 - 100w refelctor

*Face lamps:  3 -400W

*20 min tan time

8 in stock @ $3500.ea

includes delivery within 150 mile radius.

Bed 6

Tan America Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara has been designed to blend elegance with serviceability.

*slide out fan removal for quick cleaning

*built in timer ports & much more

*100 watt lamps on both sides

*20 min tan time

2 in stock @ $1800.ea

includes delivery within 150 miles radius

Bed 7

Ergoline Classic 650

Great addition to any salon as the tan

from this bed is unmatched.

High-pressure bed that is designed for advanced tanners.  Use of this bed will help the bronzing effect last longer.

*15 minute tan time

*12-500 w HP lamps in canopy & side

*Shoulder lamps

*92" x 54" x 52"

*overhead control panel

*17,000 watts of power

*60a three phase / 100a single phase

1 in stock @ $7,000.

includes delivery within 150 mile radius